Tool for fetching substitution plans from DSB/DSBMobile and parsing Untis HTML, as well as debugging dsbuntis.

More information:

  • List your substitution plans in the current dsbuntis JSON format:

accemus {{187801}} {{public}}

  • List your substitution plans and print all HTTP requests made while doing so:

accemus --log-requests {{id}} {{password}}

  • Only log into DSB and print the session:

accemus --login-only {{id}} {{password}}

  • Get the Timetable JSON of your substitution plans from DSB:

accemus --timetable-json {{id}} {{password}}

  • Try to get substitutions from another DSB server and, if it fails, print full stack traces for debugging:

accemus --endpoint={{}} --preview-endpoint={{}} --stack-traces {{id}} {{password}}


dart pub global activate accemus