ERC-4337: Account Abstraction, for usage with Alchemy Account Abstraction

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Read more about Alchemy account abstraction Alchemy AA API documentation


  • Create private key signer

  • Create smart wallet

  • ABI Encoding/Decoding

  • Sent transactions with sponsored gas

  • Wait for transaction receipt

Getting started

To get started, you need to add account_abstraction_alchemy to your project.

flutter  pub  add  account_abstraction_alchemy

Create Alchemy app and get your Alchemy API key from dashboard. Create gas policy for created app, and get gas policy ID.


// Import the package

import  'package:account_abstraction_alchemy/account_abstraction_alchemy.dart';

// Create EthPrivateKey from private key hex string
// it's up to you how you obtain the private key hex you can create random or
// use private key provided by web3auth for example
// created private key will be used to create "signer"

final privateKey = EthPrivateKey.fromHex(PRIVATE KEY HEX HERE);

// Setup network config
// Currently supporting ethereum mainnet, polygon, and sepolia testnet networks.

final network = NetworkConfigs.getConfig(

// Generate salt

final salt = Uint256.fromHex(hexlify(

// Create wallet factory
final SmartWalletFactory walletFactory = SmartWalletFactory(network, signer);

// Finally create simple smart account
final wallet = await walletFactory.createSimpleAccount(salt);
print('Wallet address: ${wallet?.address.hex}');

// Now you need send some sepolia eth to your newly created wallet address
// and send your first transaction

final recipient = EthereumAddress.fromHex('0x502FE2DCc50DfFec11317f26363fcb44D507D81C');
final amountWei = EtherAmount.inWei(BigInt.from(10000000000000000)); // 0.01 eth
// send it
final transaction = await wallet.send(recipient, amountWei);
// than we wait for receipt 
final response = await transaction.wait();
// done, you can check transactions details on sepolia explorer

Additional information

This library designed to be used only with gas manager, to sponsor gas for transactions.

Important: if you want to send batch transactions use Light account type.

Currently supported entry point versions:

  • 0.6

Currently supported smart accounts:

  • Simple (does not support batch transactions)
  • Light (supports batch transactions)

Tested on Android and Web platforms, but should work on all platforms.