** This is an unofficial SDK for flutter

Automatic content recognition (ACR) is an identification technology to recognise content played on a media device or present in a media file. This enables users quickly obtain detailed information about the content they have just experienced without any text based input or search efforts.

🤔 How ACR works

ACR can help users deal with multimedia more effective and make applications more intelligent. More info.

📸 Screen Shots

🚀 Initialize SDK

  final AcrCloudSdk arc = AcrCloudSdk();
          host: '', // obtain from 
          accessKey: '', // obtain from 
          accessSecret: '', // obtain from 
          setLog: false,
  void searchSong(SongModel song) async {
      print(song); // Recognized song data

Initialize sdk and listen for song recognition events.

️🎶 Start Recognition

 bool started = await arc.start();
  • This function will automatic start the recording and recognizing process.
  • When there’s a result, songModelStream & resultStream will return the data as events.
  • The whole recognition time is controlled by ACRCloud’s Server.
  • You can call the stop function to terminate this process.

⛔ Stop Recognition

 bool started = await arc.stop();
  • This function will cancel the recognition immediately.

✨ Contribution

Lots of PR's would be needed to improve this plugin. So lots of suggestions and PRs are welcome.