Easy In-App Purchases Integration to
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Adapty: CRM for mobile apps with subscriptions

Adapty SDK is an open-source framework that makes implementing in-app subscriptions in Flutter fast and easy. It’s 100% open-source, native and lightweight.

Why Adapty?

  • On-the-fly paywalls price testing. Test different prices, duration, offers, messages, and designs simultaneously, all without new app releases.
  • Full customer's payment history. Explore the user's payment events from the trial start to subscription cancellation or billing issues.
  • In-app purchase data integration. Send subscription events to 3rd-party analytics, attribution, and ad services with no coding, even if the user uninstalls the app.
  • No server code implementation. Integrate in-app purchases with server-side receipt validation in minutes. Apple Promotional Offers supported out-of-the-box.
  • Advanced analytics. Analyze your app real-time metrics with advanced filters, such as Ad network, Ad campaign, country, A/B test, etc.

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Integrate IAPs Within a Few Hours Without Server Coding

Adapty handles everything, from free trials to refunds, in a simple, developer-friendly SDK.

  • Free trials, upgrades, downgrades, crossgrades, family sharing, renewals, promo offers, intro offers, promo codes, and more – Adapty SDK does everything with a single line of code.
  • Easy subscription management.
  • One-time purchases and lifetime subscriptions supported.
  • Sync subscribers' states across iOS, Android, and Web.

Price Testing for In-app Purchases on Flutter Without App Releases

  • Optimize in-app subscriptions with the paywall A/B testing. Conversions, trials, revenue, cancellations, and more — everything is calculated for you: each paywall and each A/B test.
  • Change images, colors, layouts, and literally anything with a custom JSON. Configure different prices, trial periods, promo offers, and more in Adapty without app releases.

Paywall A/B Testing on Flutter

Adapty: In-app subscriptions with paywall A/B testing

  • Conversions, trials, revenue, cancellations, and more everything is calculated for you: each paywall and each A/B test.
  • Change images, colors, layouts and literally anything with a custom JSON.
  • Price testing is seamlessly integrated for any platform.

Real-time Analytics for Your Flutter App

Adapty: How Adapty works

  • Manage the subscription's state without managing transactions.
  • 99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect.
  • View and analyze data by attributes, such as status, channels, campaigns, and more.
  • Filter, group, and measure metrics by attribution, platform, custom users' segments, and more in a few clicks.

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  • Feel free to open an issue, we check all of them or drop us an email at support@adapty.io and tell us everything you want.
  • Want to suggest a feature? Just contact us or open an issue in the repo.

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Adapty is available under the MIT license. Click here for details.