Flutter SDK for adbirt


  • Initialize App: Initialize your application with an Adbirt API token.
  • Track User Events: Log custom events along with event parameters to the Adbirt platform.
  • Android Install Referrer: Automatically capture UTM source and medium values for Android installations.
  • iOS Tracking Authorization: Request and manage tracking authorization on iOS devices.

Getting started

You need the followig ->

flutter: sdk: flutter android_play_install_referrer: ^0.3.0 shared_preferences: ^2.2.2 app_tracking_transparency: ^2.0.4 http: ^1.1.0


Add the package to your pubspec.yaml file:

  adbirt_sdk_interface: ^0.0.1

Then run:

flutter pub get

Here's a quick guide on how to use this package:

  • Initialization
import 'package:adbirt_sdk_interface/adbirt_sdk_interface.dart';

void main() async {
  // Initialize your app with the Adbirt API token
  // This must be done first for other methods like `logEvent` to work
  await AdbirtADKInterface.initializeApp('your_api_token');
  • Event/Transaction tracking
// Log a custom event with event name and parameters
// For Apex network, the event name must be "apex:transaction"
AdbirtADKInterface.logEvent('apex:transaction', {
  'user_id': '12345', 
  'type': 'cash withdrawal' // can be anything
  'amount': '10,000',

Additional information

For more Information, visit https://adbirt.com/contact for more information about the Adbirt platform.