pub package

A Flutter plugin that stores and provides resources commonly used by ADCIO.
Because all plugins in ADCIO depend on adcio_core, the function of adcio_core must be called first.

To learn more about ADCIO, please visit the ADCIO website

Getting Started

To get started with ADCIO account, please register ADCIO account


There is a simple use example:

import 'package:adcio_core/adcio_core.dart';

void main() async {

  /// this is important to call `AdcioCore.initializeApp(clientId: 'ADCIO_STORE_ID')` function.
  await AdcioCore.initializeApp(
      clientId: 'f8f2e298-c168-4412-b82d-98fc5b4a114a');

  runApp(const MainApp());

To learn more about usage of plugin, please visit the AdcioCore Usage documentation.

Issues and feedback

If the plugin has issues, bugs, feedback, Please contact [email protected].