Adhkar for muslims which is extracted from hisnul and it contains all the valuable information your will for all your daily live.


Get all supplications, or adhkar, List all the adhkar Id, get a single adhkar or supplication

Getting started

To get started, add adhkar: any to your dependencies in pubspec.yaml file and run flutter pub get.


Below are the three usability of adhkar package and examples

void _getAllAdhkarId() {
    final get_adhkar = AdhkarFactory.getAllAdhkarId();

void _getASingleAdhkar() {
    Adhkar adhkar = AdhkarFactory.getAdhkar(adhkarId: "c1");

void _getAllAdhkar() {
    List<Adhkar> adhkars = AdhkarFactory.getAdhkar();

Additional information

We hope to get the package value for everyone and also only to see more contributor who will help us to bring more features to the package. To contribute visit the github repository under the main branch at