The visual component library for Flutter.

What is AdmiralUI? AdmiralUI - is a ready-made set of user interface elements.

Benefits of using a library:

  • Allows you to follow to a single visual style and interface solutions
  • Speeds up prototyping
  • Saves time for designers and developers

Why AdmiralUI?

  • 💎 Lots of ready made components - 30+ based components from buttons and text fields to timepicker and calendar..
  • 🛠 Customizability - components have many custom properties.
  • 🎨 Themization - support for different color palettes, the ability to create your own and instantly switch between them.
  • 🏗 Support - releases come out every two weeks.
  • 📱 iOS library - availible library for iOS
  • 📱 Andrioid library - availible library for Android