Generate code for building apps with Flutter based on your designs in Adobe XD with the XD to Flutter plugin. This package contains helper widgets used by the plugin.


The Pinned widget uses horizontal and vertical Pin instances (hPin / vPin) to specify a highly flexible layout based on responsive resize model in Adobe XD, but can be used fully independently of the tool and the other classes in this package.

The size and position of a child within its parent can be defined entirely by the position of its starting (top or left) and ending (bottom or right) edges. The Pin class provides a number of ways to specify these positions along an axis.

You can specify an absolute pixel position for an edge relative to its parent. For example, this would draw the child with a 10 pixel gap on each side.

Pin(start: 10.0, end: 10.0)

You can specify a relative (fractional) position instead. Assuming the horizontal axis, the following would draw the child with the left edge at 20% of the width of its parent, and its right edge at 90% of the width of its parent (ie. 10% in from the right):

Pin(startFraction: 0.2, endFraction: 0.1)

You can mix these approaches:

Pin(start: 25.0, endFraction: 0.6)

Or, specify one edge, and set a fixed size in pixels for the child:

Pin(start: 50.0, size: 100.0)
Pin(size: 80.0, endFraction: 0.2)

Lastly, you can specify a fixed size along with a middle position. This places the child's center relative to the available space after accounting for the size. For example, the following would center the child with a size of 50 pixels:

Pin(middle: 0.5, size: 50.0)

This example would place the right edge (assuming horizontal) of the child at the right edge of the available space – it would not place the middle of the child at the right edge of its parent.

Pin(middle: 1.0, size: 50.0)

As a note: an empty pin defaults to filling the full available area, which is equivalent to:

Pin(start: 0.0, end: 0.0)


The Pinned widget implements the responsive resize model in Adobe XD. With it, you can pin the edges of the child within the available space, pin its center within the space, and/or give it a fixed size.

The Pinned.fromPins constructor accepts a horizontal and vertical pin, as well as a child widget:

	Pin(start: 10.0, endFraction: 0.75), // horizontal
	Pin(middle: 0.5, size: 50.0), // vertical
	child: Text("Hello!"),

The default Pinned constructor accepts semantic parameters that map to the values of the horizontal and vertical pins. For example, right becomes hPin.end and height becomes vPin.size. This example is equivalent to the Pinned.fromPins example above:

	left: 10.0,
	rightFraction: 0.75,
	verticalMiddle: 0.5,
	height: 50.0,
	child: Text("Hello!"),

The Pinned.fromSize constructor calculates the pin positions from a nominal parent size and child boundaries, with parameters that indicate whether that edge should be pinned to an absolute position – it defaults to a fractional position otherwise.

This constructor directly mirrors the UI in Adobe XD, and can be used to assemble a pinned layout by examining a pre-existing design. XD to Flutter used the Pinned.fromSize constructor up to v2.0.0, when it switched to Pinned.fromPins to allow for more condensed and understandable code.

Once again, this example results in the same layout as those above, but calculates it from a "reference" size and position:

	size: Size(width: 100.0, height: 100.0), // nominal parent size
	bounds: Rect.fromLTWH(10.0, 25.0, 65.0, 50.0), // nominal child bounds w/in parent
	pinLeft: true, // use absolute pixel position on left
	// no pinRight specified, default to relative position on right
	fixedHeight: true, // use fixed height & middle because no top or bottom are specified
	child: Text("Hello!"),


The BlendMask widget applies a blend mode to its child.

	blendMode: BlendMode.overlay,
	child: Text("Hello!"),


Attempts to match Adobe XD gradient transformations within Flutter. Not very useful outside this context.

Enables prototype interactions & navigation exported from Adobe XD. Not very useful outside this context.


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the simplified BSD License. See LICENSE for more information.