Adoptive Calendar

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A Flutter package that provides an iOS 14 Style Cupertino look in Calendar with customizable options.

Adoptive Calendar Date Picker View Time Picker View Month Year Picker View
Adoptive Calendar Date Picker View Time Picker View Month Year Picker View

Getting Started

To use this package, add adoptive_calendar as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  adoptive_calendar: $latestVersion


No. Properties Description
1 initialDate Set the initial date for the calendar
2 backgroundColor Customize the background color of the calendar
3 fontColor Define the font color for the calendar
4 selectedColor Set the color for the selected date
5 headingColor Customize the color of the calendar headings
6 barColor Set the color of the calendar bar
7 barForegroundColor Define the foreground color of the calendar bar
8 iconColor Customize the color of the calendar icons
9 minYear Set the minimum allowed year in the calendar
10 maxYear Set the maximum allowed year in the calendar
11 use24hFormat Toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour time format
12 minuteInterval Minutes Interval for minutes to jump on minutes with specific Gap


To seamlessly integrate the Adoptive Calendar into your Flutter application, begin by adding the adoptive_calendar package to your project's dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file. After updating your dependencies using flutter pub get, import the package in your Dart code. Next, you can incorporate the AdoptiveCalendar widget into your app's UI. For instance, within the Scaffold of your Flutter app, utilize the AdoptiveCalendar widget, configuring it with options like initialDate, backgroundColor, fontColor, and more to tailor its appearance to your app's design. This widget offers a streamlined way to include an iOS 14 Style Cupertino Calendar look, providing users with an intuitive and visually appealing date selection experience. Ensure to explore and customize the available options to suit your application's specific requirements. With this package, integrating a sophisticated calendar component into your Flutter project becomes a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing task.



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