A updated and revised version of flutter_weather_bg and flutter_weather_bg_null_safety

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Pub Version

A rich and cool weather dynamic background plug-in, supporting 15 weather types.


  • It supports 15 weather types: sunny, sunny evening, cloudy, cloudy evening, overcast, small to medium heavy rain, small to medium heavy snow, fog, haze, floating dust and storm
  • Support dynamic scale size, adapt to multi scene display
  • Supports over animation when switching weather types

Supported platforms

  • Flutter Android
  • Flutter iOS
  • Flutter web
  • Flutter desktop


Add adv_flutter_weather: ^1.0.0 to your pubspec.yaml dependencies. And import it:

import 'package:adv_flutter_weather/flutter_weather_bg.dart';

How to use

To configure the weather type by creating WeatherBg, you need to pass in the width and height to complete the final display

WeatherBg(weatherType: _weatherType,width: _width,height: _height,)