DistanceType enum

The DistanceType enum contains different types of distance metrics used for both Vector and Matrix distance calculations.





frobenius → const DistanceType

The Frobenius norm, often used as a matrix norm, is a measure of the magnitude of the matrix elements. It's the square root of the sum of the absolute squares of its elements and is analogous to the Euclidean norm for vectors.

manhattan → const DistanceType

Manhattan, also known as the taxicab or city-block distance, it is the sum of the absolute differences of the components. It calculates distance as if moving in a grid-based path (like a car driving in city streets). For matrices, it's the sum of absolute differences between all corresponding elements.

chebyshev → const DistanceType

Chebyshev is also known as maximum value norm, it finds the maximum absolute difference between components of the vectors (or matrices). It is effectively a limit of the p-norm as p approaches infinity.

cosine → const DistanceType

The cosine distance measures the cosine of the angle between two vectors. It is not a norm, but rather a similarity measure. The cosine distance ranges between -1 and 1. Cosine similarity is often used in high dimensional positive spaces, where the Euclidean distance can be distorted. When applied to matrices, the matrices are typically flattened to vectors first, which may not preserve their 2D structure and can be computationally expensive for large matrices. However, it can be useful for comparing the overall "direction" or "shape" of the data in the matrices.

hamming → const DistanceType

The Hamming distance calculates the number of differing components between two vectors or matrices. It's often used in computer science for error detection or error correction when data is transmitted over computer networks. For matrices, the Hamming distance is computed after the matrices are flattened into vectors, which can be computationally expensive for large matrices.

mahalanobis → const DistanceType

The Mahalanobis distance is a measure of the distance between a point and a distribution, not between two distinct points. It transforms the inputs into a standardized space where the covariance matrix is the identity matrix. This is currently not implemented for matrices.

spectral → const DistanceType

Spectral norm is the operator norm corresponding to the 2-norm for matrix. It is the largest singular value of the matrix.

trace → const DistanceType

The trace norm (also known as nuclear norm) is the sum of singular values of the matrix. It is often used as a matrix norm.


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values → const List<DistanceType>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.