Finally!!, You can draw the polygon shapes like you want to!!. Get the polygons at the out circle. Get the corner always passing through the corner points given by you!!. This is the first package using which we can draw any shape, exactly like how we want.

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Draw both in-circle corners as well as out-circle corners. With many customization, like different radius for each corner.

Getting started

First install the package using the steps given in the Installing Section.

To getting started we provide our own CustomPainter and CustomClipper Classes as PolygonPainter and PolygonClipper respectively.


void build() {
  return CustomPaint(
    painter: PolygonPainter(
      args: PolygonArgs(
        coords: [
          (0.5, 0),
          (0.8, 0.8),
          (0.2, 0.8),
        radius: 20,
        useInCircle: true,
    size: Size.square(300),

This will generate a triangle with which will lie completely inside the given coordinates. If we want to get the border curve at the given coordinates only, then set useInCircle as false.

The further details of each class is given in the API Doc.