Note: This library is not official from Adyen and is a fork of the flutter_adyen package (not maintained anymore).

So I decided to fork it and make it work with the latest Adyen SDKs, and some more payment methods.

Available payment methods

  • Credit Card
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • iDEAL
  • Sofort
  • Giropay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • and more that are not tested yet

Flutter plugin to integrate with the Android and iOS libraries of Adyen. This library enables you to open the Drop-in method of Adyen with just calling one function.

The Plugin supports 3dSecure v2 and one time payment. It was not tested in a recurring payment scenario.



You need to have the following information:

  • clientKey (from Adyen)
  • amount & currency
  • shopperReference (e.g userId)
  • baseUrl from your backend
  • Adyen Environment (Test, LIVE_EU etc..)
  • locale (de_DE, en_US etc..)
  • return url after payment (ios URLScheme of you app) for redirecting back to the app

Payment Methods

Before calling the plugin, make sure to get the payment methods from your backend. For this, call the /paymentMethods endpoint:

An example response from payment methods can be seen here:

    "groups": [
            "name": "Credit Card",
            "types": [
    "paymentMethods": [
            "brands": [
            "details": [
                    "key": "encryptedCardNumber",
                    "type": "cardToken"
                    "key": "encryptedSecurityCode",
                    "type": "cardToken"
                    "key": "encryptedExpiryMonth",
                    "type": "cardToken"
                    "key": "encryptedExpiryYear",
                    "type": "cardToken"
                    "key": "holderName",
                    "optional": true,
                    "type": "text"
            "name": "Credit Card",
            "type": "scheme"
            "name": "PayPal",
            "supportsRecurring": true,
            "type": "paypal"

The app uses these endpoints for payment submit and payment details calls:

<your base url>/payments
<your base url>/payments/details

The plugin will send data for the payment submit call wrapped into another object like this:

  payment: <all data for payment which has to be sent to adyen>,
  additionalData: {key: value}

// additonalData can be used to send additional data to your own backend for payment



And in the AndroidManifest.xml in your application tag add this service, this allows adyen to tell the android app the result of the payment.

<application ...>



you need to add this to your proguard rules

-keep class com.adyen.** { *; }
-keep class app.adyen.flutter_adyen.**  { *; }


You need to add a URL_SCHEME if you do not have one yet.

Here is how to add one.

Flutter Implementation

To start a Payment you need to call the plugin like so:

 try {
      String dropInResponse = await FlutterAdyen.openDropIn(
          // the result of your payment methods call as json string
          paymentMethods: paymentMethods,
          baseUrl: '',
          clientKey: <ADYEN_CLIENT_KEY>,
          amount: '1000', // amount in cents
          lineItem: {'id': 'your product ID', 'description': 'Your product description'},
          additionalData: {
            'someKey': 'Some String'
          shopperReference: <YouShopperReference>,
          // 'adyencheckout://bundleIdentifier/something'
          // but can be anything you want, your backend just needs to redicret to this url after payment
          returnUrl: 'adyencheckout://',
          // only allowed environments: LIVE_US, LIVE_AUSTRALIA, LIVE_EUROPE
          // add more environments at /adyen_flutter/android/src/main/kotlin/app/adyen/flutter_adyen/FlutterAdyenPlugin.kt
          environment: 'TEST',  // add you environment for produciton here: LIVE_US, LIVE_AUSTRALIA or LIVE_EUROPE
          locale: 'de_DE', // your preferred locale
          currency: 'EUR', // your preferred currency

    } on PlatformException {
      // Network Error or other system errors
      return PaymentResponse.paymentError.rawValue;
      // the dropin returns the following responses as string