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AGiXT SDK for Dart

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This repository is for the AGiXT SDK for Dart.

More Documentation

Want to know more about AGiXT? Check out our documentation or GitHub page.

AGiXT SDK Documentation


The AGiXT SDK is a Dart library that provides a set of APIs for interacting with the AGiXT platform. The SDK allows developers to create agents, manage conversations, and execute commands on the platform.

Getting Started

To use the AGiXT SDK, you need to import the library and create an instance of the AGiXTSDK class, passing in the base URI and API key as parameters.

import 'agixt.dart';

void main() {
  final agixtSDK = AGiXTSDK(
    baseUri: 'http://localhost:7437',
    apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',


The AGiXT SDK provides a wide range of APIs for interacting with the platform. Here are some of the key APIs:


  • getAgents(): Retrieves a list of all agents on the platform.
  • getAgentConfig(String agentName): Retrieves the configuration for a specific agent.
  • addAgent(String agentName, Map<String, dynamic> settings): Creates a new agent with the specified settings.
  • updateAgentSettings(String agentName, Map<String, dynamic> settings): Updates the settings for an existing agent.
  • deleteAgent(String agentName): Deletes an agent from the platform.


  • getConversations(String agentName): Retrieves a list of conversations for a specific agent.
  • getConversation(String agentName, String conversationName): Retrieves a specific conversation for an agent.
  • newConversation(String agentName, String conversationName, List<Map<String, dynamic>> conversationContent): Creates a new conversation for an agent.
  • deleteConversation(String agentName, String conversationName): Deletes a conversation from an agent.


  • getCommands(String agentName): Retrieves a list of commands for a specific agent.
  • executeCommand(String agentName, String commandName, Map<String, dynamic> commandArgs): Executes a command on an agent.
  • addCommand(String agentName, String commandName, Map<String, dynamic> commandArgs): Adds a new command to an agent.
  • updateCommand(String agentName, String commandName, Map<String, dynamic> commandArgs): Updates an existing command on an agent.
  • deleteCommand(String agentName, String commandName): Deletes a command from an agent.


  • getChains(): Retrieves a list of all chains on the platform.
  • getChain(String chainName): Retrieves a specific chain.
  • addChain(String chainName): Creates a new chain.
  • updateChain(String chainName, Map<String, dynamic> chainArgs): Updates an existing chain.
  • deleteChain(String chainName): Deletes a chain from the platform.


  • getPrompts(): Retrieves a list of all prompts on the platform.
  • getPrompt(String promptName): Retrieves a specific prompt.
  • addPrompt(String promptName, String prompt): Creates a new prompt.
  • updatePrompt(String promptName, String prompt): Updates an existing prompt.
  • deletePrompt(String promptName): Deletes a prompt from the platform.


  • getExtensionSettings(): Retrieves the settings for all extensions on the platform.
  • getExtensions(): Retrieves a list of all extensions on the platform.
  • getCommandArgs(String commandName): Retrieves the arguments for a specific command.


  • learnText(String agentName, String userInput, String text): Learns from a text input.
  • learnUrl(String agentName, String url): Learns from a URL.
  • learnFile(String agentName, String fileName, String fileContent): Learns from a file.
  • learnGithubRepo(String agentName, String githubRepo): Learns from a GitHub repository.


  • getAgentMemories(String agentName, String userInput): Retrieves a list of memories for an agent.
  • exportAgentMemories(String agentName): Exports the memories for an agent.
  • importAgentMemories(String agentName, List<Map<String, dynamic>> memories): Imports memories into an agent.


  • createDataset(String agentName, String datasetName): Creates a new dataset for an agent.
  • train(String agentName, String datasetName): Trains a model on a dataset.


  • textToSpeech(String agentName, String text, String conversationName): Converts text to speech using an agent.

Error Handling

The AGiXT SDK provides a handleError function that can be used to handle errors that occur during API calls.

Future<String> handleError(error) {
  print('Error: $error');
  return 'Unable to retrieve data.';