AKI Calendar DateTime Picker

  • A lightweight and calendar date time picker.


AKI Calendar DateTime Picker widget:

  • AKI Calendar DateTime Picker, this widget can make a dialog with calendar and button list to help users to select date and time.


Add the following line to pubspec.yaml:

  aki_calendar_date_time_picker: ^0.0.6

How to use

import 'package:aki_calendar_date_time_picker/aki_calendar_date_time_picker.dart';

basic use

var rtn = await showCalendar(context);


CalHead ch = CalHead(
              weekHeadString: ["日", "一", "二", "三", "四", "五", "六"],
              style: const TextStyle(fontWeight: FontWeight.w500));
          CalCell ce =
              CalCell(todayStyle: const TextStyle(color: Colors.blue));
          TextConfig textConfig = TextConfig(
              confirmString: "確定",
              cancelString: "算了",
              hourHint: "時",
              minHint: "分");
          var rtn = await showCalendar(context,
              calHead: ch, calCell: ce, textConfig: textConfig);

Feel free to contribute to this project. 🍺 Pull requests are welcome!

There are some tips before creating a PR:

  • Please always create an issue/feature before raising a PR
  • Please always create a minimum reproducible example for an issue
  • Please use the official Dart Extension as your formatter or use flutter format . -l 80 if you are not using VS Code
  • Please keep your changes to its minimum needed scope (avoid introducing unrelated changes)
  • Please follow this git commit convention by adding feat: or fix: to your PR commit