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An animated image of the iOS ReordableGridView UI

With this Widget, you can build a custom calendar.



This package alh_calendar is inspired by flutter_neat_and_clean_calendar(Link) and build from scratch.

With this package you are able to:

  • create your own CalendarHeader
  • create your own TableRow which shows the days of week
  • create your own TableCell which each represents a day
  • create navigate threw the months via buttons or swipe
  • show the dates of previous month and next month
  • define a maximum and minimum month
  • define a maximum and minimum day
  • usefull callBacks
  • Tests for the whole written code on Dart


final dayMap = {
  DayOfWeek.monday: 'Mon',
  DayOfWeek.thursday: 'Thu',
  DayOfWeek.wednesday: 'Wen',
  DayOfWeek.tuesday: 'Tue',
  DayOfWeek.friday: 'Fri',
  DayOfWeek.saturday: 'Sat',
  DayOfWeek.sunday: 'XXX',

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return MaterialApp(
    home: Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: const Text('Plugin example app'),
      body: Column(children: [
          child: Row(
            children: [
                child: Card(
                  margin: const EdgeInsets.all(8),
                  child: AlhCalendar(
                    headerLeading: const Icon(Icons.chevron_left),
                    headerTrailing: const Icon(Icons.chevron_right),
                    daysOfWeek: dayMap,
                    enableHorizontalSwipe: true,
                    enableSixWeeksForEveryMonth: true,
                    dayOfWeekBuilder: (String dayOfWeek, bool isWeekEnd) {
                      return Center(
                        child: Text(
                          style: TextStyle(
                              color: isWeekEnd
                                  : Colors.redAccent),
                    headerBuilder: (DateTime date) {
                      return Text(DateFormat('MMMM yyyy', 'en_Us').format(date),
                    dayBuilder: (CalendarDayBuilderModel calendarDayBuilderModel,) {
                      return CalendarDay(
                        calendarDayBuilderModel: calendarDayBuilderModel,


This is a list of all parameters that can be used for this widget.

Parameter Description Default Value
initialDateTime Defines initial Time, if null then will be used. -
minimumMonthDate If minimum month is reached, user cannot go to previous month. -
maximumMonthDate If maximum month is reached, user cannot go to next month. -
minimumDayDate Sets the minimum day. -
maximumDayDate Sets the maximum day. -
daysOfWeek Needs a Map of <DayOfWeek, String> to fill DayOfWeekCalendarCells. -
enableHorizontalSwipe Flag if horizontal scrolling in calendar is enabled. true
iconPadding Sets the padding between headerTitle and both headerIcons. EdgeInsets.all(3.0)
enableJumpToOtherMonth Enables changing the month when a day outside of current month is tapped. true
enableSixWeeksForEveryMonth Forces Table to have 6 Rows, even when month would fit in 5. true
disableSixthRow Makes sixth Row invisible if there are only days from next month shown in the last row. true
showDaysOutsideCurrentMonth Should show days that are not in current month. true
disableTapOnOutOfRange If true, days out of range can't be tapped true

This is a list of functional parameters.

Parameter Description Default Value
dayBuilder Custom builder for the headerTitle. -
headerLeading Custom widget that is left of header. -
headerTrailing Custom widget that is right of header. -
dayOfWeekBuilder Custom builder for DayOfWeekCalendarCells. -
onReachedMinimumDate Callback once minimum month is reached. -
onReachedMaximumDate Callback once maximum month is reached. -
onMonthChanged Callback once month is changed. -
onDayChanged Callback once day is changed. -