A sdk tool for developers use functions of aliyun OCR text recognition in the dart language for flutter framework.


This package supports users skip the process of generating the signature to use the aliyun OCR text recognition api with HTTP by uploading the image's url in web.

This package supports old and new version of aliyun OCR Method, the old one is Ok but the new one only support using the url format image but not the binary image.

aliyun_ocr_homepage aliyun signature page

Old Method

It's Ok

New Method

NOTES: In some reason, I can not upload my image with the HTTP ERROR 503. After consulting the engineers from aliyun,they tell me to debug other framework sdk such as JAVA to find some way and refuse to show me how to put my image binary file into the http body.

Getting started

This package needs user have the aliyun accessKeyId and accessKeySecret. Your should login in the website of the aliyun and follow this approach:

User's image

AccessKey Management


    /// 1.1 Input Your appcode
    aliYunSdkOld.appCode = "YourappCode";
    /// 1.2 Input ImgUrl
    aliYunSdkOld.imgUrl = "https://img.alicdn.com/tfs/TB1Wo7eXAvoK1RjSZFDXXXY3pXa-2512-3509.jpg";
    /// 1.2 Or Input Img binary
    final value = File("bin/1.png");
    var bytes =await value.readAsBytes();
    aliYunSdkOld.imgBinary = bytes.buffer.asUint8List();

    /// 2. New Method OCR
    var aliYunSdkNew = aliYunOcrClientNew();

    /// 2.1 Input Your accessKey
    aliYunSdkNew.accessKeyId = "YouraccessKeyId";
    aliYunSdkNew.accessKeySecret = "YouraccessKeySecret";

    /// 2.2 Input imgUrl
    aliYunSdkNew.imgUrl =

    aliYunSdkNew.queries['AccessKeyId'] = aliYunSdkNew.accessKeyId;
    aliYunSdkNew.queries['Url'] = aliYunSdkNew.imgUrl;

    /// 2.3 Generate Signature and update the queries
    accessKeySecret: aliYunSdkNew.accessKeySecret,
    queries: aliYunSdkNew.queries,
    method: "POST",

Additional information

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This package has been published in pub-web.flutter-io.cn website, here is the link aliyun_ocr_sdk 1.0.0


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