Alpaca Markets plugin

A wrapper for the Alpaca Markets trading APIs. Provides an easy dart-specific way of working with the broker, trading, and market data requests.

For information on Alpaca Markets and their APIs, see the documentation on Alpaca Market's Overview.


The APIs require that you signup as either a trader or a broker, depending on the type of app you are developing. Visit to sign up.


To use this plugin, add alpaca_markets as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Here are small examples that show you how to use the API.

Create an instance

Use your generated live and/or paper keys to create an instance for querying.

AlpacaMarkets am = AlpacaMarkets(
        liveApacApiKeyId: "<Insert live key>",
        liveApcaApiSecretKey: "<Insert secret live key>",
        paperApacApiKeyId: "<Insert paper key>",
        paperApcaApiSecretKey: "<Insert secret paper key>");

Retrieve account and assets

Additional parameters for the getAssets() request include asset status, asset class, and exchange filters.

The Account and Asset classes are available for viewing the fields of data.

Account? account = await am.getAccount();
Asset? asset = await am.getAsset("GRMN");
List<Asset>? assets = await am.getAssets();