Altibbi Flutter SDK

This Flutter SDK provides integration for the Altibbi services, including video consultation, text consultation, push notification, and many other features. This guide will walk you through the steps to integrate it into your Flutter project.


Initialize the Altibbi service with the user token and partner endpoint as follows:

Note: Be sure to replace placeholders "USER_TOKEN" and "PARTNER_ENDPOINT" with your actual values.

    token: "USER_TOKEN",
    baseUrl: "PARTNER_ENDPOINT",
    language: "Language", // 'ar' || 'en'

After Initialize Altibbi Service You Can Use Altibbi API :

Using the API Service:

ApiService apiService = ApiService();

User API

Create New User :

You Have To Pass User Object

User user =  User(name: "user_name");
var users = await apiService.createUser(user);

Get User Info By ID :

var user = await apiService.getUser(user_id);

you can pass page && perPage defaults 1 && 20

var users = await apiService.getUsers(perPage: 20, page: 1);

Update User Info :

var user = await apiService.updateUser(new_user_info , user_id);

Delete User :

var user = await apiService.deleteUser(user_id);

Consultation API

Create Consultation :

var consultation = await apiService.createConsultation(
      question: "user_question",
      medium:, // there are 4 type of medium (chat,voip,video,gsm)
      userID: 1, //Assigning consultation to User ID
      mediaIDs: media // image,pdf .. 

Note That You Can Pass "followUpId" In Case Consultation Is FollowUpConsultation

Consultation List:

you can pass page && perPage defaults 1 && 20

var consultationList = await apiService.getConsultationList(page: 1, perPage: 30);

Consultation Info By ID :

var consultation = await apiService.getConsultationInfo(consultation_id);

Last Consultation Info :

var consultation = await apiService.getLastConsultation();

Delete Consultation :

var value = await apiService.deleteConsultation(consultation_id);

Cancel Consultation :

var cancelValue = await apiService.cancelConsultation(consultation_id);

Prescription API

download the Prescription

note : if the prescription for the consultation is generated it will return else it will be null

var prescriptionPath = await apiService.getPrescription(consultation_id,path_to_save_the_file);

Media API

Upload Media That Can Be Used In Consultation (Image , PDF)

var media = await apiService.uploadMedia(image);

Use Pusher Service To Listen To Consultation Event

Initializing the Pusher Service:

  onEvent: onEvent, 
  channelName: "pusher_channel_name", // retrun from the consultation api
  apiKey: "pusher_api_key" // retrun from the consultation api

You Can Listen To Event Using Funtion "onEvent" Passed In Pusher().init :

void onEvent(event) async {
  print("event Name = " + event.eventName);

Initializing the Video Service && Granted Permission :

 late VideoConfig _config;
 VideoController? _controller;
 Future<void> initPlatformState() async {
    _config = VideoConfig(
      apiKey: "apikey",// Get This From The Pusher Event
      sessionId: "sessionId",// Get This From The Pusher Event
      token: "token",// Get This From The Pusher Event

    _controller = VideoController();

    WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback((timeStamp) async {
      Map<Permission, PermissionStatus> statuses = await [,
      final isGranted =
          statuses[] == PermissionStatus.granted &&
              statuses[Permission.microphone] == PermissionStatus.granted;
      if (isGranted) {
          await Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 3), () {
      } else {
            "Camera or Microphone permission or both denied by the user!");

Displaying Altibbi Video:

Use VideoView Widget

 VideoView(controller: _controller ?? VideoController()),

Initializing Chat:

Use AltibbiChat Widget

 AltibbiChat().init(consultation: consultation);

Chat listeners:

Assigning Chat listeners

 AltibbiChat().addChannelHandler('myChannelHandler', channelHandler);

Sending Chat message:

Sending a text Chat

 GroupChannel groupChannels = await AltibbiChat().getGroupChannel(consultation);
 groupChannels.sendUserMessage(UserMessageCreateParams(message: message));


An example Flutter application using the Altibbi SDK can be found in the example directory.

Please see the example directory for a complete sample app using Altibbi Flutter SDK.

1- Creating a consultation page
2- Waiting room page
3- Chat page page
4- Video conference page
5- VOIP conference page
6- Crating user page


If you need support you can contact: [email protected]. Please ensure that you are referencing the latest version of our SDK to access all available features and improvements.


The Altibbi Flutter SDK is licensed under the Altibbi License.