The amazon_cognito_upload package is a Dart library designed to simplify and streamline the process of uploading files to Amazon Cognito, a robust and secure cloud service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This package is particularly useful for those who need to integrate file upload functionality with Amazon Cognito authentication.


  • Simplified File Uploads: Streamline the process of uploading files to Amazon Cognito, reducing development time and complexity.
  • Customizable Configuration: Tailor the package to meet your specific requirements with customizable configuration options.

Getting started


Add the amazon_cognito_upload package to your pubspec dependencies.

Super simple to use

import 'package:amazon_cognito_upload/amazon_cognito_upload.dart';

void uploadFile() {
    s3UploadUrl: '', //s3 bucket url like : https://yourbucket
    s3SecretKey: '',
    s3Region: '',
    s3AccessKey: '',
    s3BucketName: '',
    folderName: '',
    fileName: '',
    fileBytes: '',


Remember that enabling CORS for public access temporary when you upload file to S3 bucket. the security implications of allowing cross-origin requests. Make sure to only allow the origins that you trust.

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