Analytics Debugger

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analytics_debugger allows you to create togglable UI to show list of background events, useful to check analytics events tracker, network, or anything in debug builds.



Currently analytics_debugger just have three methods, show, hide, and send.


To show toggleable UI in your app just call once. Then, your Toggleable UI will show in bottom right of your device screen. You can choose two different layout bubble or bar.


To hide toggleable UI in your app just call AnalyticsDebugger.hide once.


To send anything values to toggleable UI in your app just call AnalyticsDebugger.send. Value will identified automatically by time. Every value must have a name with optional params. We can send anything value in Map to our toggleable UI.


Android Analytics Debugger

For Android, in show method we can configure isSystemWide true or false. The debugger view will become a system-wide overlay. Might be useful if you want to see events while your app is in background. But, you need enable Draw over other apps in Settings -> Apps -> Your App.


IOS Analytics Debugger

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