Angel3 Client

Pub Version (including pre-releases) Null Safety Gitter License

A browser, mobile and command line based client that supports querying Angel3 backend.


// Choose one or the other, depending on platform
import 'package:angel3_client/io.dart';
import 'package:angel3_client/browser.dart';
import 'package:angel3_client/flutter.dart';

main() async {
  Angel app = Rest("http://localhost:3000");

You can call service to receive an instance of Service, which acts as a client to a service on the server at the given path (say that five times fast!).

foo() async {
  Service Todos = app.service("todos");
  List<Map> todos = await Todos.index();


The CLI client also supports reflection via package:belatuk_json_serializer. There is no need to work with Maps; you can use the same class on the client and the server.

class Todo extends Model {
  String text;

  Todo({String this.text});

bar() async {
  // By the next release, this will just be:
  // app.service<Todo>("todos")
  Service Todos = app.service("todos", type: Todo);
  List<Todo> todos = await Todos.index();


Just like on the server, services support index, read, create, modify, update and remove.


Local auth:

var auth = await app.authenticate(type: 'local', credentials: {username: ..., password: ...});
print(; // User object

Revive an existing jwt:

Future<AngelAuthResult> reviveJwt(String jwt) {
  return app.authenticate(credentials: {'token': jwt});

Via Popup:

app.authenticateViaPopup('/auth/google').listen((jwt) {
  // Do something with the JWT

Resume a session from localStorage (browser only):

// Automatically checks for JSON-encoded 'token' in localStorage,
// and tries to revive it
await app.authenticate();


await app.logout();

Live Updates

Oftentimes, you will want to update a collection based on updates from a service. Use ServiceList for this case:

build(BuildContext context) async {
  var list = ServiceList(app.service('api/todos'));
  return StreamBuilder(
    stream: list.onChange,
    builder: _yourBuildFunction,


Client library for the Angel framework.
Browser client library for the Angel framework.
Flutter-compatible client library for the Angel framework.
Command-line client library for the Angel framework.