Angel3 Container

Pub Version (including pre-releases) Null Safety Gitter License

A better IoC container for Angel3, ultimately allowing Angel3 to be used with or without dart:mirrors package.

    import 'package:angel3_container/mirrors.dart';
    import 'package:angel3_framework/angel3_framework.dart';
    import 'package:angel3_framework/http.dart';

    @Expose('/sales', middleware: [process1])
    class SalesController extends Controller {
        @Expose('/', middleware: [process2])
        Future<String> route1(RequestContext req, ResponseContext res) async {
            return "Sales route";

    bool process1(RequestContext req, ResponseContext res) {
        res.write('Hello, ');
        return true;

    bool process2(RequestContext req, ResponseContext res) {
        res.write('From Sales, ');
        return true;

    void main() async {
        // Using Mirror Reflector
        var app = Angel(reflector: MirrorsReflector());

        // Sales Controller
        await app.mountController<SalesController>();

        var http = AngelHttp(app);
        var server = await http.startServer('localhost', 3000);
        print("Angel3 server listening at ${http.uri}");