resolveViaServiceModify<Value, Serialized> function

GraphQLFieldResolver<Value?, Serialized> resolveViaServiceModify<Value, Serialized>(
  1. Service<dynamic, Value?> service, {
  2. String idField = 'id',

A GraphQL resolver that modifies a single value from an Angel service.

This resolver should be used on a field with at least the following inputs:

  • id: a graphQLId or graphQLString
  • data: a GraphQLObjectType corresponding to the format of data to be passed to modify

The arguments passed to the resolver will be forwarded to the service, and the service will receive Providers.graphql.


GraphQLFieldResolver<Value?, Serialized>
    resolveViaServiceModify<Value, Serialized>(Service<dynamic, Value?> service,
        {String idField = 'id'}) {
  return (_, arguments) async {
    var requestInfo = _fetchRequestInfo(arguments);
    var params = {'query': _getQuery(arguments), 'provider': Providers.graphQL}
    var id = arguments.remove(idField);
    return await service.modify(id, arguments['data'] as Value?, params);