AnimateCon is a lightweight and easy-to-use Flutter animation container that enables developers to effortlessly implement zooming, panning, and rotating animations. By utilizing AnimateCon, developers can seamlessly create complex and engaging animations within Flutter applications, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and making the interface more dynamic and interactive.


Install the AnimateCon

You should ensure that you add the following dependency in your Flutter project.

  animatecon: ^1.1.0

install packages from the command line:

flutter packages get


import class

import 'package:animatecon/animatecon.dart';

use AnimateCon

// add animate container
body: Center(
        child: AnimateCon(
          key: _key,
          initProp: const {"alpha": 0},
          child: Container(
            width: 200,
            height: 200,

/// control animate
final GlobalKey<AnimateConState> _key = GlobalKey<AnimateConState>();
bool _btnEnabled = true;

void _animate() {
    if (!_btnEnabled) return;
    _key.currentState!.animate({"y": 100, "alpha": 0.0}, {"y": 0.0, "alpha": 1.0},
        time: 500, ease: animateEase.back.easeOut, onComplete: () {
      _btnEnabled = true;
    _btnEnabled = false;

/// stop animate


AnimateCon is licensed under MIT license. View license.