Flutter Animated Analog Clock

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A customizable and animated analog clock widget. This package provides a fully customizable analog clock widget that supports animation for smooth transitions of clock hands. Users can customize various aspects of the clock including size, colors, background, and more.

Flutter Analog Clock Screenshot   Flutter Analog Clock Screenshot


In your pubspec.yaml file of your Flutter Project, add the following dependency:

  analog_clock: ^0.0.1


import 'package:animated_analog_clock/animated_analog_clock.dart';


  • Customizable Design: Users can customize various aspects of the analog clock, including size, colors, background, and more, to match their app's design aesthetics.

  • Smooth Animations: The analog clock widget supports smooth animations for clock hands, providing a visually pleasing experience for users.

  • Timezone Support: The clock widget supports displaying time in different timezones, allowing users to customize the clock based on their location or preferences.

  • Timezone Support with Location Specification: Users can specify a location name, and the clock will display the time according to the timezone associated with that location. To find valid location names for timezones, check out the this documentation.

  • Lightweight and Efficient: The package is designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring smooth performance even on devices with limited resources.


Basic Usage

const AnimatedAnalogClock()

Customization Options

          location: 'Australia/Darwin',
          // Gradient Background if you want
          // backgroundGradient: RadialGradient(colors: []),
          backgroundColor: Color(0xff1E1E26),
          hourHandColor: Colors.lightBlueAccent,
          minuteHandColor: Colors.lightBlueAccent,
          secondHandColor: Colors.amber,
          centerDotColor: Colors.amber,
          hourIndicatorColor: Colors.lightBlue,
          minuteIndicatorColor: Colors.blueAccent,

API Documentation

For detailed information about the classes and methods available in this package, refer to the API documentation.


More examples can be found in the example/ folder.


This package is distributed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


For questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding this package, please feel free to contact the author at [email protected].