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The animated_repeatable package offers a versatile widget called AnimatedRepeatable that allows you to apply repeatable animated transitions to a child widget. These transitions cycle through a specified number of times, creating dynamic effects within your UI.




  • Applies repeatable animated transitions to a child widget.
  • Offers various built-in transition functions (fade, spin, slide, zoom, shimmer).
  • Allows customization of transitions using the AnimatedRepeatableTransitionBuilder.
  • Supports pausing and resuming playback using the pause property.
  • Provides control over animation behavior with properties like:
    • repeat: Number of times to repeat the animation loop (-1 for infinite)
    • pause: Whether to pause the animation.
    • continuity: Controls whether the animation should maintain continuity when paused.
    • mirror: Whether the animation should play forward, then backward in a mirroring effect.
    • reverse: Controls the initial animation direction (forward or backward)
    • transition: The AnimatedRepeatableBuilder function that defines the animation behavior.
    • curve: The animation curve that controls the easing of the animation.
    • delay: Delay before the animation starts.
    • duration: Animation duration for each direction (forward and backward if applicable).
    • reverseTransition: The transition applied for the backward direction (in mirroring).
    • reverseCurve: The curve to use in the backward direction (in mirroring effect).
    • reverseDelay: Delay before starting the backward animation (in mirroring effect)
    • reverseDuration: Optional duration for the backward animation (mirroring effect)
  • Triggers callbacks at various animation lifecycle stages:
    • onStart: Called only once at the very beginning of the first animation play-through.
    • onPause: Called whenever the animation is paused.
    • onContinue: Called whenever the animation is resumed after being paused.
    • onCycle: Called every time the animation completes a single loop iteration (forward and potentially backward if reverse is true).
    • onComplete: Called only once when all specified loops have finished playing (if repeat is not set to -1 for infinite loops).


To read more about classes and other references used by animated_repeatable, see the API Reference.

Import the package

import 'package:animated_repeatable/animated_repeatable.dart';

Create a repeatable transition widget

  // Repeat the animation loop 3 times (in addition to the initial cycle)
  repeat: 3,

  // Start the animation
  pause: false,

  // When [pause] set to `true` then `false`, reset the animation to continue
  continuity: false,

  // Enable the mirror effect
  mirror: true,

  // Play the animation in reverse initially (optional)
  reverse: true,

  // Built-in fade transition animation, you can use
  // a custom AnimatedRepeatableBuilder for more complex animations
  transition: AnimatedRepeatable.fade,

  // Use a curve to ease the animation (optional)
  curve: Curves.easeInOut,

  // Delay the animation start by 1 second
  delay: const Duration(seconds: 1),

  // Set the animation duration to 500 milliseconds for each direction (forward and backward)
  duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 500),

  // Use different transition for backward animation (optional)
  reverseTransition: AnimatedRepeatable.shakeX,

  // Use a curve to ease the backward animation (optional)
  reverseCurve: Curves.bounceOut,

  // Set a delay before the reverse animation starts (optional)
  reverseDelay: const Duration(milliseconds: 200),

  // Set a different duration for the backward animation (optional)
  reverseDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 500),

  // Callbacks for various animation lifecycle events (optional)
  onStart: () => debugPrint('Animation Started'),
  onPause: () => debugPrint('Animation Paused'),
  onContinue: () => debugPrint('Animation Continued'),
  onCycle: (cycle) => debugPrint('Animation Cycle: $cycle'),
  onComplete: () => debugPrint('Animation Completed'),

  // Allows chain effect
  wrapper: (child, state) {
    if (state.isCompleted) {
      return AnimatedRepeatable(
        delay: const Duration(milliseconds: 300),
        duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 700),
        transition: AnimatedRepeatable.shimmer(colors: [
        child: child,
    return child;

  // Animate the child widget
  child: const MyWidget(
    text: 'This is the widget that will be animated',

Built-in transitions

The package provides various built-in transitions you can use directly:

  • AnimatedRepeatable.fade: Fades the child widget in and out during the animation cycle.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.spin: Rotates the child widget around a central point.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.slide: Slides the child widget to a specified position.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.zoom: Zooms the child widget in and out.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.shimmer: Creates a shimmering effect on the child widget.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.shakeX: Shakes the child widget horizontally.
  • AnimatedRepeatable.shakeY: Shakes the child widget vertically.

Custom transitions

For more control, define your own transition functions using AnimatedRepeatableBuilder:

final myCustomTransition = (child, animation) {
  // Implement your custom animation logic here
  return Container(child: child); // Wrap the child widget

  transition: myCustomTransition,
  child: MyWidget(),

Programmatic Play/Pause

With this approach, you can control the animation playback (play/pause) of the AnimatedRepeatable widget from anywhere in your code using the globally accessible key.

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:animated_repeatable/animated_repeatable.dart';

final repeatableKey = GlobalKey<AnimatedRepeatableState>();

void main() {

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: Scaffold(
        appBar: AppBar(
          title: const Text('Programmatic AnimatedRepeatable'),
        body: Center(
          child: Column(
            children: [
                key: repeatableKey,
                repeat: -1, // repeat infinitely
                mirror: true,
                transition: AnimatedRepeatable.fade,
                duration: const Duration(seconds: 2),
                child: const FlutterLogo(size: 100),
              const SizedBox(height: 20),
                children: [
                    onPressed: () {
                    child: const Text('Play'),
                  const SizedBox(width: 10),
                    onPressed: () {
                    child: const Text('Pause'),


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