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Define and use animated vectors all in your code editor with a data format inspired by flutter's composable widgets.

Live site with examples


You'll need to depend on animated_vector first of all:

  animated_vector: ^0.1.0

After that, you can use animations with either the AnimatedVector widget for simple animations and/or low level control, or the AnimatedSequence widget to create more complex interactions between multiple animations.

AnimatedVectorData exposes some even lower level methods that you can use to paint directly on a canvas for example, check the docs for full info.

The package bundles multiple already made vector animations, all available on the AnimatedVectors class.

An example is available on the package example.

Description and inspiration

The data format is heavily inspired from the AnimatedVectorDrawable from android, which allows for pretty flexible animations. It also adapts the declarative style for definitions, allowing for immutable composable instances.

This article was the main reason for developing this package, huge props to the author for the awesome resource.


The package should support every single platform as it doesn't depend on any platform specific implementation, it's completely dart and flutter. In case you need any help with the package, head over to the github issues page.


Code generation is available for generating AnimatedVectorData from .shapeshifter files.

More info over animated_vector_gen.


A library for animated vectors that can be defined in a declarative and composable way a la flutter