Animation_custom_tabbar Package Documentation


The Animation_custom_tabbar package provides a highly customizable and animated tab bar with corresponding tab views for Flutter applications. It ensures a seamless user experience with smooth transitions between tabs, and it offers extensive customization options for both the tab bar and the individual tabs.


To use Animation_custom_tabbar , add it to your project’s pubspec.yaml file under dependencies:

  animation_custom_tabbar: ^0.0.3

Then, import the package in your Dart file:

import 'package:animation_custom_tabbar/animation_custom_tabbar.dart';


Wrap the part of your widget tree where you want to include the tab bar with Animation_custom_tabbar and configure it using its parameters.


  tabTitles: ['Tab 1', 'Tab 2', 'Tab 3'],
  tabViews: [Tab1View(), Tab2View(), Tab3View()],
  pageController: PageController(initialPage: 0),
  tabWidth: 300.0,
  tabHeight: 50.0,
  activeStyle: TextStyle(color:, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),
  inactiveStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.grey),
  boxDecoration: BoxDecoration(
    color: Colors.grey[300],
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(10),
  animatedBoxDecoration: BoxDecoration(
    color: Colors.white,
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(10),
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 300),


  • tabTitles: A list of strings that represent the titles of the tabs. Must be non-null and have the same length as tabViews.
  • tabViews: A list of widgets that represent the content of each tab. Must be non-null and have the same length as tabTitles.
  • pageController: A PageController that controls the page displayed in the tab views. If not specified, a new PageController will be created.
  • tabWidth: A double value that sets the width of the tab bar.
  • tabHeight: A double value that sets the height of the tab bar.
  • activeStyle: A TextStyle that defines the appearance of the text in the active tab.
  • inactiveStyle: A TextStyle that defines the appearance of the text in the inactive tabs.
  • boxDecoration: A BoxDecoration that sets the styling of the tab bar.
  • animatedBoxDecoration: A BoxDecoration that sets the styling of the animated box that highlights the active tab.
  • duration: A Duration object that determines the length of the animation when switching between tabs.


The current version of Animation_custom_tabbar is ^0.0.1 .

We follow semantic versioning. The version number is formatted as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH , where:

  • MAJOR is incremented for breaking changes.
  • MINOR is incremented for new features.
  • PATCH is incremented for bug fixes or minor changes.

Refer to the changelog for a complete version history and a list of changes.