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animation_loading_button is a Flutter package with a simple implementation of an animated loading button, complete with success animations.

Gif demo

Getting Started

Follow these steps to use this package

Add dependency

  animation_loading_button: ^0.0.4

Add import package

import 'package:animation_loading_button/animation_loading_button.dart';

Easy to use

Simple example of use loading button
Put this code in your project at an screen and learn how it works 😊

              type: LoadingButtonType.color,
              // Content inside the button when the button state is idle.
              idleStateWidget: const Text(
                'Color button',
                style: TextStyle(
              useEqualLoadingStateWidgetDimension: true,
              // Whether or not to animate the width of the button. Default is `true`.
              // If this is set to `false`, you might want to set the `useEqualLoadingStateWidgetDimension` parameter to `true`.
              useAnimation: true,
              loadingType: LoadingType.circleSpinIndicator,
              // If you want a fullwidth size, set this to double.infinity
              width: 150.0,
              height: 40.0,
              buttonColor: Colors.blueAccent,
              loadingColor: Colors.white,
              onPressed: (){},


Source code and example of this library can be found in git:

$ git clone