Imin Printer

A flutter package to support command on Imin devices


  • x Android
  • IOS


flutter pub add imin_printer

What this package do

Tested on: Imin D1, Imin D4 Pro, Imin M2-202, Imin M2 Pro

  • x Initialize Printer
  • x Set print size
  • x Get Printer Status
  • x Get model name
  • x Get brand name
  • x Print raw bytes (Uint8List)
  • x Print text
  • x Print 2 Column text
  • x Print Bitmap (Uint8List)
  • x Print Bitmap base64 (String)
  • x Set Style
  • x Partial cut
  • x Full cut

Tested on: Imin D1

  • x Initialize LCD Manager
  • x Send bitmap base 64 to LCD Screen
  • x Clear LCD Screen

Tested on: Imin D4 Pro

  • x Open cash drawer

You can combine this package with presentation_display to use customer display on some Imin device



IminPrinter iminPrinter = IminPrinter();

Init Printer

Use init before accessing other functionality

iminPrinter.initPrinter(printSizeImin: PrintSizeImin.mm58);
iminPrinter.printText('Sample Text', printStyle: const PrintStyle(textAlign:; // Print text on Center
iminPrinter.print2ColumnsText(['Left Text', 'Right Text']);