Dart Anthropic API Package

This Dart package provides idiomatic access to the Anthropic AI API for both Dart and Flutter applications. Anthropic AI is a powerful platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks, and this package simplifies integration with your Dart and Flutter projects.

The package hides the messy details of the Anthropic REST API and lets you work with nice statically typed Dart classes.

  • Request
  • RequestWithImages
  • Response
  • AnthropicService


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  anthropic_dart: ^1.0.1

Then, run:

$ flutter pub get


Import the package where you need to use it:

import 'package:anthropic_dart/anthropic_dart.dart';

Initialize the Anthropic API client with your API key:

final service = AnthropicService(apiKey: 'your_api_key');

Now you can use the various methods provided by the Anthropic API. For example:

Send a request to the Anthropic completions endpoint.

var request = Request();
final Response response = await service.sendRequest(request); 
Send a request to the Anthropic text and image completions endpoint.

var request = RequestWithImages();
final Response response = await service.sendRequestWithImages(request); 

A quick way to check whether things are cool is by sending a Hello request to the Anthropic Chat Completions endpoint.

final List<Response> response = await service.sendHello(); 


You need an API key from Anthropic AI to use this package. Get registered and get an API key here: Anthropic AI Website


You can find a simple example in the example directory of this repository.

Issues and Feedback

Please file any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the issue tracker.


This package is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Support for access to Anthropic.