A Flutter package for handling API Exception


  • 400 - 500 status code with normal message error.
  • Can customize your error message.

Platform Support

Android iOS MacOS Web Linux Windows
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Getting started

To use this plugin, add api_exception as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Import library

import 'package:api_exception/api_exception.dart';

To handle exception, you can add this code at your service layer. Don't forget to add catch (on AppException) for rethrowing the error to logic layer/ etc.

        desireStatusCode: 200, // passed status
        response: response, // your response

Example :

  Future<List<VideoTypesData>> getData() async {
    try {
      final url = _appEndpoint.getData();
      final response = await _httpClient.get(url, {});
        desireStatusCode: 200,
        response: response,
      return VideoTypes.fromJson(response.body).data;
    } on AppException {

To handle error message, you can add this from your View layer

Text(exception?.errorMessage(context) ?? 'Unknown Error')

example :

 if (state.status.isFailure) {
                  backgroundColor: Colors.red,
                  content: Text(state.exception?.errorMessage(context) ?? 'Unknown Error'),

To customize error message, you can do this:

// Example error code status = 404
Text(exception?.errorMessage(context, notFoundMessage : "Sorry, we can't find your data") ?? 'Unknown Error')

For Unknown error. The package will get your error message from json response body ("message" || "error"), or you can modify your error message.

Additional information

List handle error message :

case ErrorType.badRequest:
        return "Bad Request";

      case ErrorType.unauthorized:
        return "Unauthorized";

      case ErrorType.paymentRequired:
        return "Payment Required";

      case ErrorType.loginFailed:
        return "Login Failed";

      case ErrorType.unauthenticated:
        return "Unauthenticated";

      case ErrorType.unknown:
        return "Unknown Error";

      case ErrorType.forbidden:
        return "Forbidden";

      case ErrorType.notFound:
        return "Not Found";

      case ErrorType.methodNotAllowed:
        return "Method Not Allowed";

      case ErrorType.notAcceptable:
        return "Not Acceptable";

      case ErrorType.internalServerError:
        return "Internal Server Error";

      case ErrorType.notImplemented:
        return "Not Implemented";

      case ErrorType.badGateway:
        return "Bad Gateway";