App Theme Mode

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Widgets to control your app theme mode during runtime and save it how you wishing.

It's very similar to dynamic_theme_mode_package.


There is no business logic here, only widgets that control the theme mode, you choose how you want to save with SharedPreferences, Hive... any one.



Import it where you want to use it e.g, in your main file.

import 'package:app_theme_mode/app_theme_mode.dart';

Put the AppThemeMode widget, above MaterialApp/CupertinoApp or another that had theme mode.

    builder: (context, themeMode) => MaterialApp(        
        title: 'Flutter Demo',
        themeMode: themeMode,
        darkTheme: ThemeData.dark(),
        theme: ThemeData.light(),
        home: const MyHomePage(
          title: 'Flutter Demo Home Page',

Set the initial theme mode:

    initialThemeMode: ThemeMode.light // System mode is the default
    builder: (context, themeMode)...

Get the theme mode saved of your business logic. This is set only one time.

Add a callback for when a new different theme mode is set:

    onChangeThemeMode: (themeMode) {
      // call your business logic to save 
      // the current theme mode here.
    builder: (context, themeMode)...

Here you can call your logic business for the save current theme mode.

You can access the current theme mode:

final currentTheme = AppThemeMode.of(context).themeMode;

All the time that a new different theme mode is set the widget is rebuilt.

Or set a new theme mode:

// or

There is a dialog widget called AppThemeModeDialog for the user to choose which theme mode he wants

    icon: const Icon(Icons.access_time_sharp),
    onPressed: () => showDialog(
        context: context,
        builder: (_) => const AppThemeModeDialog(),

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