AppFlowy Board

A customizable and draggable Kanban Board widget for Flutter



appflowy_board is a customizable and draggable Kanban Board widget for Flutter. You can use it to create a Kanban Board tool like those in Trello.

Check out appflowy_board to see to build a BoardView database.

Getting Started

Add the AppFlowy Board Flutter package to your environment.

With Flutter:

flutter pub add appflowy_board
flutter pub get

This will add a line like this to your package's pubspec.yaml:

  appflowy_board: ^0.1.0

Create your first board

Initialize an AppFlowyBoardController for the board. It contains the data used by the board. You can register callbacks to receive the changes of the board.

final AppFlowyBoardController controller = AppFlowyBoardController(
  onMoveGroup: (fromGroupId, fromIndex, toGroupId, toIndex) {
    debugPrint('Move item from $fromIndex to $toIndex');
  onMoveGroupItem: (groupId, fromIndex, toIndex) {
    debugPrint('Move $groupId:$fromIndex to $groupId:$toIndex');
  onMoveGroupItemToGroup: (fromGroupId, fromIndex, toGroupId, toIndex) {
    debugPrint('Move $fromGroupId:$fromIndex to $toGroupId:$toIndex');

Provide an initial value of the board by initializing the AppFlowyGroupData. It represents a group data and contains list of items. Each item displayed in the group requires to implement the AppFlowyGroupItem class.

void initState() {
  final group1 = AppFlowyGroupData(id: "To Do", items: [
    TextItem("Card 1"),
    TextItem("Card 2"),
  final group2 = AppFlowyGroupData(id: "In Progress", items: [
    TextItem("Card 3"),
    TextItem("Card 4"),

  final group3 = AppFlowyGroupData(id: "Done", items: []);


class TextItem extends AppFlowyGroupItem {
  final String s;

  String get id => s;

Finally, return a AppFlowyBoard widget in the build method.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return AppFlowyBoard(
    controller: controller,
    cardBuilder: (context, group, groupItem) {
      final textItem = groupItem as TextItem;
      return AppFlowyGroupCard(
        key: ObjectKey(textItem),
        child: Text(textItem.s),
    groupConstraints: const BoxConstraints.tightFor(width: 240),

Usage Example

To quickly grasp how it can be used, look at the /example/lib folder. First, run main.dart to play with the demo.

Second, let's delve into multi_board_list_example.dart to understand a few key components:

  • A Board widget is created via instantiating an AppFlowyBoard object.
  • In the AppFlowyBoard object, you can find the AppFlowyBoardController, which is defined in board_data.dart, is fed with pre-populated mock data. It also contains callback functions to materialize future user data.
  • Three builders: AppFlowyBoardHeaderBuilder, AppFlowyBoardFooterBuilder, AppFlowyBoardCardBuilder. See below image for what they are used for.


Please refer to the API documentation.


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

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