ApptiveGrid ErrorReporting

With ApptiveGridErrorReporting it is super easy to Log Errors to ApptiveGrid


  1. Create a new Error Reporting Space on ApptiveGrid using this Template

    (Don't worry if you don't have an ApptiveGrid Account yet, you can create on there. Try it out. It's free)

  2. Copy the Reporting Form Link

  3. Create a new instance of ApptiveGridErrorReporting

    final reporting = ApptiveGridErrorReporting(
      reportingForm: Uri.parse('FORM_LINK'),
      project: 'myProject',

Report Errors

Send Errors with a single command; 

This will send the error to ApptiveGrid. You can provide additional Infos like a Stacktrace or a custom message to get more context when looking at the reports on ApptiveGrid
  stackTrace: StackTrace.current,
  message: 'Error when doing a demo',

Repord Flutter Errors

To report Flutter Errors set the FlutterError.onError reporting callback like this:

FlutterError.onError = reporting.reportFlutterError;

Log Events

You can provide additional Log Entries to further know what a user might have done leading to an error.

reporting.log('Something was clicked');