Aprosail Lints

A linter options for Dart and Flutter.

A strict coding rule will help you to prevent 💩 from your code. Although there are existing official linter options such as the packages lints and flutter_lints, those rules are too loose to be productive. That's why this package exists, which enables as much rules as possible.

How to use

Add this package into dev_dependencies and include it inside the analysis_options.yaml file. Followings are the example codes. But please pay attention that the following codes may just be a part of the file rather than the full file. And the version code are marked as x.y.z, please replace it with the exact version that you require.

# pubspec.yaml
  aprosail_lints: ^x.y.z
# analysis_options.yaml
include: package:aprosail_lints/lints.yaml

This package is similar to the lints and flutter_lints package. Once add this package into dev_dependencies, those two packages can be removed from the dev_dependencies list.


This package copies all possible options from the API on the official site except they are deprecated, conflicted, or already enabled in the flutter_lints package, which is already a dependency of current package.

All options except the ones enabled in flutter_lints are listed in the source file. And all disabled options will be commented the reason.

You can read the documentation on the official site carefully. And you can click into the option titles, which are links to the more detailed doc with examples. All the linter options are well designed and useful. So that the author of this package is willing to enable them as much as possible.