Aprosail UI

A non-material flutter UI framework.

How to use

Attention: This framework is still under construction that important features had not been finished yet. Please wait for a stable version after 1.0.0 before applying it into your production environment.

It's unnecessary and strongly not recommended to use such framework inside a MaterialApp or CupertinoApp (or any other WidgetApps).

Why not material

Flutter uses material design by default and officially provided a MaterialApp widget. But most styles are predefined in such system that if you'd like to custom color theme and multi-locales deeper, the performance might be reduced.

For example, when customizing a color theme with the default ThemeData, it will limit your design inside a material design style. While using different UI style on different platform, such as applying cupertino style on iOS and macOS while applying material style on Android and Windows, it might cause compatibility issues, and it's inconvenient to maintain two UI style in a single application.

The material library had also provided many useful widgets. But if you are not developing something like a simple chat or blog based social media application and mainly focused on mobile platform with portrait screen (vertical and small) rather than desktop devices with landscape screen (horizontal and large), you will finally customize many widgets as alternatives.


A non-material Flutter UI toolkit.