Assets generator

Provides Dart Build System builders for handling assets.

The builders generate code when they find members annotated with classes defined in package:assets_annotation_by_zpdl. Generates assets in pubspec.yaml

  • To generate assets pubspec.yaml in for a class, annotate it with @AssetsAnnotation.


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  assets_annotation_by_zpdl: ^1.3.0

  assets_generator_by_zpdl: ^1.3.0
  build_runner: <latest>


1. Create a class with @AssetsAnnotation

import 'package:assets_annotation_by_zpdl/assets_annotation_by_zpdl.dart';

part 'assets.g.dart';

@AssetsAnnotation.camelCase(version: '1.0.0')
class Assets {
  const Assets();

2. Generate your assets

Run the following command to generate a lib/assets.g.dart file :

flutter packages pub run build_runner build

3. Use your assets

const assets = Assets();


Annotation values

  1. isCamelCase : The first letter is written in lowercase. The first letter of the rest of the following words is capitalized.
  2. isSnakeCase : Place an underline in the middle of each word joined.
  3. version: Used for update