Effortlessly synchronize asynchronous operations in your Dart applications

This package provides a set of intuitive primitives inspired by Python's established concurrency features, making it easy to manage shared resources and prevent race conditions in asynchronous code.

Key Features:

  • Familiar concepts: Lock, Event, and Semaphore for a smooth transition from Python's concurrency model.
  • Optimized for Dart: Efficient implementation tailored for Dart's asynchronous programming capabilities.
  • Clear and concise documentation: Quickly understand how to use each primitive effectively.


Add async_locks as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

  async_locks: ^latest_version

Available Primitives:

  • Lock: A mutex lock that guarantees exclusive access to a shared state, preventing race conditions.
  • Event: An object used to notify multiple futures that a specific event has occurred.
  • Semaphore: A synchronization primitive that allows a limited number of futures to acquire it concurrently.

Inspired by Python's asyncio:

While the implementation details differ, async_locks offers a familiar approach for developers coming from a Python background. See the Python documentation for reference:

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Streamline your asynchronous code with async_locks. Start using it in your project and enjoy a more robust and predictable concurrency experience!


Provides a suite of synchronization primitives designed to streamline the coordination of asynchronous operations in Dart applications. Inspired by Python's established concurrency features, this package offers a familiar and intuitive approach to managing shared resources and preventing race conditions in asynchronous code.