A library of generic / reusable stuff which is useful when building cli programs which use the AtClient SDK

The simplest usage would be

  AtClient atClient = (await CLIBase.fromCommandLineArgs(args)).atClient;

For further usage examples, see

  • In the example/bin/ directory
    • scan_example.dart
    • put_and_get_example.dart
  • The demo software here


  • The CLIBase class in cli_base.dart takes care of all the boilerplate involved in getting from program startup to having an AtClient object you can use - parsing command-line arguments, standard configuration, loading authentication keys, etc.
  • There are a few other small utilities in utils.dart which CLIBase uses

Open source usage and contributions

This is freely licensed open source code, so feel free to use it as is, suggest changes or enhancements or create your own version. See for detailed guidance on how to set up tools, tests and make a pull request.