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at_lookup library


The AtLookup Library is the low-level direct implementation of the atProtocol verbs. The AtLookup package is an interface to interact with the secondary server to execute commands(scan, update, lookup, llookup, plookup, etc).

Get started:


To add this package as the dependency, add it to your pubspec.yaml

  at_lookup: ^3.0.5

Add to your project

pub get 

Import in your application code

import 'package:at_lookup/at_lookup.dart';

Clone it from github

Feel free to fork a copy of the source from the GitHub Repo


To get the instance of at_lookup

AtLookUp atLookUp = AtLookupImpl(
  privateKey: 'privateKey',
  cramSecret: 'cramSecret',

Please refer to examples for more details.

Open source usage and contributions

This is freely licensed open source code, so feel free to use it as is, suggest changes or enhancements or create your own version. See for detailed guidance on how to setup tools, tests and make a pull request.


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