Azure Silent Login

A Flutter package for seamless integration with Azure authentication and Silent Login.


  • Azure Authentication: Integration with Azure authentication including login, logout, and silent login.
  • Secure Storage: Securely store and manage tokens and user data.
  • Silent Login: Provides silent login functionality which saves developers time.
  • Useful for Offline Applications: Silent login functionality is particularly useful for offline applications where continuous user authentication may not be possible.
  • Token Management: Automatically manages token expiration and refreshing.


import 'package:azure_silent_auth/authenticator/default_authenticator.dart';
import 'package:azure_silent_auth/azure_silent_auth.dart';

  AzureAuth _azureAuth = AzureAuth(
    authenticatorProvider: DefaultAuthenticator(
      ["openId", "offline_access"],
      {nnnn}, // Redirect URI's port in Azure app registration authentication (http://localhost:nnnn/)
  1. First-Time Login:

    • When the user opens the app for the first time, call await _azureAuth.login(); to open the authentication page.
    • Upon successful login, the token is securely stored.
  2. Token Retrieval:

    • When the app needs the token, call await _azureAuth.getAccessToken();.
    • The token's validity is checked; if expired, it is automatically refreshed.
  3. User Info Retrieval:

    • When the app needs the loggedin users details, call _azureAuth.getUserInfo();.
  4. Silent Login:

    • Use await _azureAuth.silentLogin(); when the app is opened again.
    • The stored token is validated in the background without redirecting the user to the authentication page.
    • If the token is invalid or expired, an error is thrown, allowing developers to redirect the user to the login screen.
  5. Logout:

    • Call _azureAuth.logout(); to clear all locally stored token and user data.
    • Sends a request to the OpenID Provider to log out the End-User.

Please refer example app to see how this instance can be used in different scenarios.

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