Test Lint

This project is a wrapper for the project Barcode Read - Ts and Webassembly.

Barcode reader webassembly - example

Getting Started

You have to use two methods to read a barcode.

Method Description
readBarcodeFromStack This method receives a ReadBarcodeProps and inserts the request on the stack of requests. This can be utils when you make multiple barcodes reads at the same.
readBarcode This method receives a ReadBarcodeProps and makes a simple read.

About ReadBarcodeProps:

Prop Type Description
file (optional) boolean The file related to pdf file.
filePath (optional) boolean The url related to pdf file.
scale (optional) boolean The scale or zoom applied on the pdf document before search barcode.
sequenceNum (optional) Number The sequence number of the image when working with multiple barcodes.
password (optional) String The password to open the pdf file.