toString method

  1. @override
String toString()

A string representation of this object.

Some classes have a default textual representation, often paired with a static parse function (like int.parse). These classes will provide the textual representation as their string representation.

Other classes have no meaningful textual representation that a program will care about. Such classes will typically override toString to provide useful information when inspecting the object, mainly for debugging or logging.


String toString() => '''
MissingDummyValueError: $type

This means Mockito was not smart enough to generate a dummy value of type
'$type'. Please consider using either 'provideDummy' or 'provideDummyBuilder'
functions to give Mockito a proper dummy value.

Please note that due to implementation details Mockito sometimes needs users
to provide dummy values for some types, even if they plan to explicitly stub
all the called methods.