buildWithChild method

  1. @override
Widget buildWithChild(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. Widget? child

A build method that receives an extra child parameter.

This method may be called with a child different from the parameter passed to the constructor of SingleChildStatelessWidget. It may also be called again with a different child, without this widget being recreated.


Widget buildWithChild(BuildContext context, Widget? child) {
    builder != null || child != null,
    '$runtimeType used outside of MultiProvider must specify a child',
  return _InheritedProviderScope<T?>(
    owner: this,
    // ignore: no_runtimetype_tostring
    debugType: kDebugMode ? '$runtimeType' : '',
    child: builder != null
        ? Builder(
            builder: (context) => builder!(context, child),
        : child!,