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This plugin will make it easier for you to use in-app review with minimal conditions.

App Review Helper #

This plugin will make it easier for you to use in-app review with minimal conditions.

Introduction #

Android iOS

Usage #

This method will do nothing if the current platform is other than Android and iOS.

final appReviewHelper = AppReviewHelper.instance;
    /// [Optional] Show a dialog to ask the user about their feeling before the review. 
    /// If the user is not satisfied with the first dialog, the second dialog will be 
    /// shown (if `opinionFeedback` is set) to ask the user's opinion to make the app better. 
    /// Use `AdaptiveReviewDialog` to adapt with `ios` and `macos` specific UI.
    reviewDialog: DefaultReviewDialog(
        context: context,
        satisfactionText: 'How do you feel about this app?',
        satisfactionLikeText: 'Like',
        satisfactionLikeIcon: const Icon(Icons.thumb_up),
        satisfactionDislikeText: 'Dislike',
        satisfactionDislikeTextColor: Colors.grey,
        // Should be the same color with `satisfactionDislikeText`.
        satisfactionDislikeIcon: const Icon(Icons.thumb_down, color: Colors.grey),
        opinionText: 'Please let us know what we can do to improve this app',
        opinionSubmitButtonText: 'Submit',
        opinionCancelButtonText: 'Cancel',
        opinionAnonymousText: 'Completely anonymous',
        opinionFeedback: (opinion) {

    /// Min days
    minDays: 3,

    /// If you add this line in your main(), it's same as app opening count
    minCallThisFunction: 3,

    /// If the current version is satisfied with this than not showing the request
    /// this value use plugin `satisfied_version` to compare.
    noRequestVersions: ['<=1.0.0', '3.0.0', '>4.0.0'],

    /// Control which versions allow reminding if `keepRemind` is false
    remindedVersions: ['2.0.0', '3.0.0'],

    /// If true, it'll keep asking for the review on each new version (and satisfy with all the above conditions).
    /// If false, it only requests for the first time the conditions are satisfied.
    keepRemind: true,

    /// Request with delayed duaration
    duration: const Duration(seconds: 1),
    /// Print debug log
    isDebug: false,

There are a few built-in dialogs:

  • [DefaultReviewDialog] is a default one with thumbUp and thumbDown icon.
  • [AdaptiveReviewDialog] use the adaptive dialog (show the dialog based on whether the target platform) with thumbUp and thumbDown icon.
  • [FriendlyReviewDialog] is based on the DefaultReviewDialog with Good and Improve text; smile and frown face icon.
  • [FriendlyAdaptiveReviewDialog] is based on the AdaptiveReviewDialog with Good and Improve text; smile and frown face icon.

You can create your own dialog by implementing ReviewDialog:

class CustomReviewDialog implements ReviewDialog {
  /// This dialog will be shown to ask for users' satisfaction with the app,
  /// when `true` is returned, the in-app request will be shown. When `false`
  /// is returned, the [opinion] dialog will be shown. The opinion dialog won't
  /// be shown when returning `null`.
  FutureOr<bool?> satisfaction() => throw UnimplementedError();

  /// This dialog will be shown when the user isn't satisfied with the app
  /// (which means the [satisfaction] dialog returns `false`). You can write
  /// your logic to send user's feedback to your server.
  FutureOr<void> opinion() => throw UnimplementedError();

Return values:

/// This platform is not supported

/// Cannot request an in app review at this time

///The review has been requested and the `keepRemind` was disabled

/// This version is satisfied with `noRequestVersions` => Don't request

/// Completed request review

/// AppReview.requestReview is called but in debug mode!

/// Don\'t satisfy with minCalls and minDays condition

/// Don't satisfy with minCalls condition

/// Don't satisfy with minDays condition

Use this function if you want to open the store. This function will try to open the fallbackUrl if the current platform is not Android or iOS.