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Simple direct Service Locator that allows to decouple the interface from a concrete implementation and to access the concrete implementation from everywhere in your App"

[7.6.4] -04.09.2023 fixed the throwing of a StateError that was previously thrown as String [7.6.3] -04.09.2023 push new version because pub didn't list this one [7.6.2] -31.08.2023 fix linter error [7.6.1] - 31.08.2023 version bump of dependencies and updates readme [7.6.0] - 09.05.2023


    final instance1 = getIt.get(type: TestClass);

    expect(instance1 is TestClass, true);

[7.5.0] - 07.05.2023

  • new function dropScope(scopeName) which allows to remove and dispose any named scope even if it's not the top one. Great PR by @olexale which fixes sort of race conditions if you create scopes just for the life time of a widget.

[7.4.1] #

[7.4.0] #

  • registerSingleton now returns the passed instance as a return value thanks to the PR by @Rexios80
  • In some cases GetIt will print error messages to the debug output. Now this won't happen anymore in release mode and can be completely disabled by setting GetIt.noDebugOutput=true following the PR from @James1345

[7.3.0] #

New features:

  • popScopeTil got a new optional inclusive parameter so you can now decide if scope with the passed name should be popped too or only the ones above
  • PR by @jtdLab that adds to reset a LazySingleton by providing an existing instance
  • Fix for an internal state error by @ioantsaf
  • Fix for a rare edge case if you manually signalReady
  • Many PRs with improvements to spelling and grammar of readme, source documentation and even one assert message by @selcukguvel @isinghmitesh @UsamaKarim @nilsreichardt and Os-Prog @Ae-Mc

[7.2.0] #

[7.1.4] #

  • fixed bug with manual synchronization of SingletonsWithDependencies

[7.1.3] - 07.05.2021 #

[7.1.2] - 06.05.2021 #

[7.1.1] - 05.05.2021 #

  • pushNewScope() now got an optional init parameter where you can pass a function that registers new objects inside the newly pushed Scope. Doing the registration in this function ensures that the onScopeChanged call-back is called after the objects are registered.

[7.1.0] - 05.05.2021 #

  • The new Disposable interface had a typo that now got corrected. You could call this a breaking change but as the last version change is just three days old I guess not many people will be affected by this correction.

Getting notified when a scope change happens

When using scopes with objects that shadow other objects its important to give the UI a chance to rebuild and acquire references to the now active objects. For this you can register an call-back function in GetIt The getit_mixin has a matching rebuiltOnScopeChange method.

  /// Optional call-back that will get call whenever a change in the current scope happens
  /// This can be very helpful to update the UI in such a case to make sure it uses
  /// the correct Objects after a scope change
  void Function(bool pushed)? onScopeChanged;

[7.0.0] - 02.05.2021 #

This is a breaking change because there were some inconsistencies in the handling of the disposal functions that you can pass when registering an Object, pop a Scope or use unregister() resetLazySingleton(). Some of accepted a FutureOr method type, others just a void which meant you couldn't use async functions consistently. With this release you can use async functions in all disposal functions which unfortunately also required to change the signatures of the following functions:

  Future<void> reset({bool dispose = true});

  Future<void> resetScope({bool dispose = true});

  Future<void> popScope();

  Future<bool> popScopesTill(String name);

  FutureOr resetLazySingleton<T extends Object>({
    Object? instance,
    String? instanceName,
    FutureOr Function(T)? disposingFunction,

  FutureOr unregister<T extends Object>({
    Object? instance,
    String? instanceName,
    FutureOr Function(T)? disposingFunction,

Basically all functions that can possibly call a disposal functions should be awaited.

Implementing the Disposable interface

Instead of passing a disposing function on registration or when pushing a Scope from V7.0 on your objects onDispose() method will be called if the object that you register implements the Disposable´interface:

abstract class Disposable {
  FutureOr onDispose();

Getting notified about the shadowing state of an object

In some cases it might be helpful to know if an Object gets shadowed by another one e.g. if it has some Stream subscriptions that it want to cancel before the shadowing object creates a new subscription. Also the other way round so that a shadowed Object gets notified when it's "active" again meaning when a shadowing object is removed.

For this a class had to implement the ShadowChangeHandlers interface:

abstract class ShadowChangeHandlers {
  void onGetShadowed(Object shadowing);
  void onLeaveShadow(Object shadowing);

When the Object is shadowed its onGetShadowed() method is called with the object that is shadowing it. When this object is removed from GetIt onLeaveShadow() will be called.

[6.1.1] - 13.04.2021 #

  • small fix in getAsync with parameters

[6.1.0] - 12.04.2021 #

[6.0.0] - 15.02.2021 #

  • Official null safety release

[5.0.2] - 08.12.2020 #

[5.0.1] - 23.09.2020 #

  • fixed formatting in readme

[5.0.0-mixin-version] - 17.09.2020 #

  • experimental

[5.0.0] - 15.09.2020 #

  • New scope support for registration
  • optional dispose functions for registered objects
  • Breaking change: reset() now is async and returns a Future because it will call the new optional disposal functions that can be async
  • Breaking change: If you use names to register your objects you now have to provide a type too or at least make sure the compiler can infer the type. With this change it is now possible to use the same name for different types.

[5.0.0-alpha] - 11.09.2020 #

  • alpha version of V5.0

[4.0.4] - 22.07.2020 #

  • fixed linter errors

[4.0.3] - 22.07.2020 #

[4.0.2] - 26.04.2020 #

[4.0.1] - 19.03.2020 #

  • overhauled readme
  • removed unnecessary print statement

[4.0.0] - 26.02.2020 #

  • Added abstract WillSignalReady class

[4.0.0-release-candidate] - 14.02.2020 #

  • Breaking changes in API!!!
  • Release candidate
  • New Async functions
  • Factories with parameters
  • Improved startup synchronisation

[3.0.2] - 23.10.2019 #

  • Bugfix when using named instances

[3.0.1] - 24.09.2019 #

[3.0.0+1] - 07.09.2019 #

  • Small fix to make the analyser happy

[3.0.0] - 07.09.2019 #

  • Overhauled the signalling API because the way it was was not optimal. Now you can either signal globally or by passing the instance of the registered object that shall signal. This way it's ensured that you have to have access to the instance to signal, typically from within the instance with a GetIt.instance.signalReady(this) individual signalling from other places but the instance itself is probably an error.
  • Unregister of singletons /lazysingletons now possible also over a registered instance.
  • Most asserts have bin replaced with throwing Errorobjects.
  • The example now shows the ready signalling.

[2.1.0] - 26.08.2019 #

  • Added handy ready signal to make start-up logic a bit easier
  • Unregister of Objects now possible with optional disposing function

[2.0.3] - 26.08.2019 #

  • Small fix

[2.0.2] - 19.08.2019 #

  • Small fix

[2.0.1] - 19.08.2019 #

  • Small fix

[2.0.0] - 18.08.2019 #

  • Breaking Change with V2.0.0 you no longer can directly create instances of the type GetIt because GetIt is now a singleton please see README

[1.1.0] - 18.08.2019 #

  • added named registration

[1.0.3+2] - 26.06.2019 #

  • updated logo in readme

[1.0.3+1] - 22.05.2019 #

  • updated authors

[1.0.3] - 01.03.2019 #

  • Small fix so that intellisense works now if you use the short calling form without using .get()

[1.0.2] - 22.06.2018 #

[1.0.1] - 20.06.2018 #

  • Added reset()method

[1.0.0] - 22.05.2018 #

  • Initial release
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Simple direct Service Locator that allows to decouple the interface from a concrete implementation and to access the concrete implementation from everywhere in your App"

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