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Map chart of Japan.

map_chart_jp #

A map chart of Japan.

Getting Started #

You need to prepare data by prefecture and JpMapController.

Write this code in the StatefulWidget.

Map<Prefecture,ChartData> dataMap = {};
late JpMapController _controller;

Initialize and dispose controller.

  void initState() {
    _controller = JpMapController(
        defaultData: ChartData(Colors.white54),
      compact: false

  void didChangeDependencies() {

  void dispose() {

In build function, you can use JpMapChart widget.

  notifier: _controller

parameters #

JpMapController.compact #

  • false: Okinawa will be placed in the exact location.
  • true: Okinawa will be moved to the upper left and other prefectures will be displayed in a larger size.